• PT. Air Surya Radiator
    Product PT. Air Surya Radiator PT. AIR SURYA RADIATOR build in the year 1999 as a mean to participate in levying and fabricate Cooling Engine, applied for Power Plant, Heavy Duty, Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine, Compressor and also equipments of heat transductor for other industry.
  • PT. Air Surya Radiator
    Office PT. Air Surya Radiator Month of september 2004, PT. AIR SURYA RADIATOR has removed office & factory to region Bantar Gebang, precisely Jl. Mawar No88 Rt. 04/02 Padurenan Mustika jaya Bekasi Indonesia by occupying area wide 8000 m2. This thing is we do remembers production capacities that is more and more increases.
  • PT. Air Surya Radiator
    Our Certified PT. Air Surya Radiator has succeeded reachs for sertifikasi ISO 9001 : 2000 & ISO 9001 : 2008 & ISO 14001 : 2004 by body sertifikasi LMK & SGS , WQA & SUOFINDO and has been accredited by accreditation institute UKAS & KAN.

    PT. Air Surya Radiator
    Jl. Mawar No. 88 Padurenan- Mustika Jaya - Bekasi - 17156

    Website: www.ptasr.co.id
    Email: marketing@ptasr.co.id
    Phone: (62)21-8252396
    Fax: (62)21-82602832


There have been many types and brands of radiators on the market. However, not many who understand exactly what and how the radiator can be functioning optimally to support the energy performance of generators and heavy equipment such as excavators, tractors, bulldozers and others.

no surprise when the radiator has been installed on the engine unit, there are not things we want. Engine becomes over heat, a broken tubing, high pressure drop and others, is possible due to incompatibility type of radiator with the engine we have.

For that we design type of radiator with the proper materials and specifications for engines with high pressure. With oval seamless tubing and supported by the flat fins that are designed to suit the environmental conditions where the engine installed.

Therefore save your engine with the radiator always wear a quality heavy-duty to get good results. For that we are here to serve your wishes.

We always bring a variety of innovative and superior products that meet the quality and accuracy of work with satisfactory results.

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    Heavy Duty Radiator Heavy Duty Radiator
    Hidraulic Oil Cooler Hidraulic Oil Cooler this usually applied to make cool or reduces temperature oil at machine using system hidraulic
    Air Cooler Generator Air-cooled generator operates carefully as open loop or cooler system loop is closed. In open loop system, generator draws air from atmosphere to make cool active component, and air muffler to atmosphere. In system loop is closed, cooler air in resirkulation always through generator whereas air-to-water heat exchanger eliminates temperature from the air.
    Cooler Tube Bearing We are one among producer from oil cooler bearing, what applied in cement factory / Power Station of other Heating Power and processing factory to make cool pad applies oil bath.
    Steam Heater And Dryer Steam Heater is equipment of warm-up where source of its(the temperature taken away from boiling aqueous vapour and usually applied at factory requiring heater or dryer.
    Remote Radiator For Power Plan For Remote Radiator like this usually applied for power plan and also other . very Wide heat exchanger used in industry like refinery, chemical plant and also petrochemical, natural gas industry, refrigeration, power station.
    Heat Exchanger Shell And Tube Heat exchanger (HE), be an equipment enabling heat transfer and can be function as heater and also as cooler. Usually, heater medium is used [by] vapour through?via temperature (super of heated steam) and branch water as cooling water (cooling water).
    Heavy Duty Radiators For Forklif This Heavy Duty Radiator of course majored for specific gravity machine Forklip various measures
    Condensor Condensor ( heat transfer), an equipment or unit applied to compact aqueous vapour into dilution. Usually this equipment applied at refrigerating machine. For example frezer or other
    Remote Radiators For remote radiator this type usually applied for machine genset power station with machine capacities genset up to 1(one) watt mega (MW)
    FIN We always applies material - material with quality to make various pre-eminent products of we